Trends in Cybersecurity Breaches


ou may be used to hearing that cyberattacks are becoming more widespread and destructive every year. Recent world events are underscoring the point. COVID-19 left a lasting mark on our working lives. Remote or hybrid work is now the norm, which means you’re much more likely to use the cloud for secure flexibility, tossing a wider net over remote devices at risk of a data breach.

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Using AI/ML to Create Better Security Detections


Ask any person who has interacted with a security operations center (SOC) and they will tell you that noisy detections (false positives) are one of the biggest challenges. There have been many companies that have tried to solve this problem but virtually all attempts have come up short. This article will attempt to promote a better solution using artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) while remaining highly understandable and easily comprehensible.

Using AI/ML to Create Better Security Detections2022-08-29T09:57:52+00:00


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